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Company Profile

       GSMICRO Semiconductor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GSMICRO") was founded in 2010, headquartered in the capital of technology, Shenzhen. It is a leading analog chip integration service brand that has been focusing on the technology and product implementation of digital analog hybrid chips since its establishment, promoting the development of green intelligent technology.

      GSMICRO has the industry's most complete solution and product line of MCU, power management chip, signal chain chip, and power device. The product range is complete, including medium and low voltage/medium high voltage SGT MOS, deep groove superjunction SJ MOS, multi-layer epitaxial superjunction SJ MOS, ultra-high voltage MOS, silicon carbide Sic MOS, DC-DC boost constant current LED driver, DC-DC buck constant current LED driver, synchronous switch buck DC-DC constant current LED driver, DC-DC boost constant current LED driver, linear constant current LED driver, DC-DC buck constant current three function LED driver, DC-DC buck constant voltage chip, DC-DC boost/buck constant voltage chip Ultra low power DC-DC boost constant voltage chips, sensors, intelligent voice ICs, induction chips, intelligent drives, motor drives, gate drives, operational amplifiers, ADC analog-to-digital converters, DAC analog-to-digital converters, analog front-end AFEs, charging management, MPU power management units, logic ICs, level conversion circuits, LDO, infrared induction ICs, intelligent voice chips, TOF chips, and many other categories.

      Authorize the distribution of semiconductor devices from multiple leading domestic and foreign brands; Simultaneously integrating device resources, with the goal of meeting customer needs, we provide innovative and customized products and services to global customers, helping them achieve sustained profitability and success, and building the future of the customer market. We communicate deeply with customers, provide unique design perspectives, and provide them with competitive and comprehensive solutions and products. Independently researched and developed, targeting leading enterprises in various electronic sub industries, providing a series of power management and intelligent control solutions, leading the industry in distribution and solution services.

       GSMICRO with its strong marketing planning capabilities and rich professional market operation experience, has obtained authorization from its main partners, including South Korea Mobile Technology DONGWOON, CRMicro (PowTech, CR MICRO), CRHJ, APM, COOLSEMI, ANHI, OCX, MassChip, XLSEMI, Hichips,Relmon( Ruimeng Technology), ChipWays, SINOMCU, etc.


       GSMicro adheres to the corporate value of "putting the striver first, putting the customer at the center, and adhering to value contribution", focusing on the technology and product implementation of proxy chips, promoting the sustainable development of green intelligent technology, and leading the semiconductor subdivision field in China with proxy distribution and application solutions.

Looking forward to your call (0755-23590775) and giving us more opportunities to serve you!

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